“I have been fit on my track and road bikes over the past few year. My experience with her fits have been nothing short of perfect. I have been racing for 30+ years and I did not know how badly I was fit till she worked with me. My experience in racing is around track sprinting and road criteriums. Missy’s knowledge of racing at all levels and every discipline, I think have helped her in becoming such a competent fitter. Also her education in sports physiology gives her an added benefit of bringing together both the biomechanics and riding aspects of a good fit. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to get better on their bike. Since she has been in PA, I have brought 7 friends to her for fits(3 time trialists, 3 road and 2 track) and each of them had similar experiences of professionalism, expert knowledge, complete satisfaction throughout the process. Keep up the good work Missy.”

– Matt D.