“I got both a road and track bike fit from Missy and I feel like a completely new person on the bike. Not only was my lower back and shoulder pain cured instantly with the fit, my performance improved as well. I would say it’s like working magic but that wouldn’t do justice to how knowledgeable Missy is when it comes to human anatomy and biomechanics. She explains everything through the process and listens carefully to all feedback. The whole experience was amazing.

I’m looking forward to getting completely dialed in on both bikes with follow ups. Missy is thorough and will go to great lengths to make sure you’re comfortable and happy on the bike. I definitely recommend ERO to anyone who is looking for a bike fit!”
-Iliana R. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“ERO really helped me find a position to maximize my power and cadence. Incredible knowledge and experience along with cutting edge technology really is facilitating my improvement.”
– Bill W. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“If you’re like me and want to maximize not only your performance, but also your all around enjoyment of riding your bike, then you MUST go see Missy at ERO Pennsylvania. Her knowledge and professionalism are the best in the business and I have never left a fit feeling like we left a single stone unturned. With over 20+ years of riding and racing, my only regret is that I didn’t get fit by Missy from day 1!”
– Andrew L. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“I really like how my track bike and I fit together after Missy had fit me on it at ERO Pennsylvania. The bike fit has really helped me feel more comfortable on my bike and it has definitely improved my race results.”
– Andrew C. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“My coach took one look at my bike fit and suggested that as soon as Missy and ERO arrived in Pennsylavania that I should not waste any time and schedule an appointment ASAP. His advice could not have been any more prudent. Missy is truly one of a kind! Her expert knowledge, thoroughness,and ability to dial the fit in are truly exceptional talents. She answered every one of my novice questions and concerns in a manner that truly made me feel more confident upon my departure from her studio. I have since felt like a different person on my “machine”. I have since been back for one of my follow up appointments and just scheduled my second. The cycling community in the Tri State area should be thankful for ERO Sports and for the very talented Missy Erickson!!”
– Sean L. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“I have been fit on my track and road bikes over the past few year. My experience with her fits have been nothing short of perfect. I have been racing for 30+ years and I did not know how badly I was fit till she worked with me. My experience in racing is around track sprinting and road criteriums. Missy’s knowledge of racing at all levels and every discipline, I think have helped her in becoming such a competent fitter. Also her education in sports physiology gives her an added benefit of bringing together both the biomechanics and riding aspects of a good fit. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to get better on their bike. Since she has been in PA, I have brought 7 friends to her for fits(3 time trialists, 3 road and 2 track) and each of them had similar experiences of professionalism, expert knowledge, complete satisfaction throughout the process. Keep up the good work Missy.”
– Matt D. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“Missy is a great bike fitter. She looks at every detail to ensure you sit balanced on the bike. She spent extra time with me to find a track bike that would truly fit me and retrofit my existing track bike. Definitely would go back. Thank you so much.”
– David I. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“We are still working with Missy to get the right fit for road (trade-off between aero/drops and climbing) to allow William to race pain-free, but his track fitting was spot on. The as-many-as-you-need adjustment policy for a (growing) junior cyclist on the same bike is a great benefit. On-line scheduling allows you to see right away when Missy is available. Highly recommended.”
– Lisa W. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“We brought our son, Billy in for a fitting for first his track bike, and then for his aero fit for the same bike. Besides the process being fascinating to watch, it was easy to see a visible improvement immediately. Billy raced the night of the first fitting, and even though Missy said not to expect anything that first night As he had to get used to the fit, Billy improved considerably that first night. He was so much more comfortable in his new position. Missy also explained every step of the process so clearly. I would highly recommend the service. We certainly would not go anywhere else.”
– Shelly T. 2000px-5_stars-svg

“Last summer, I brought in my road bike for a fit. It was amazing how different the bike felt and performed after Missy did my fitting. It was a no brainer to bring in my cross bike at the beginning of CX season. When it was time to get a track bike, I did a pre-fit. That was the best decision I could have made. I was surprised that I needed a larger frame then I expected. Missy is amazing at her job. You can tell she enjoys what she does. I’ll definitely be back to get dialed in completely and to get fit for any new bikes. I highly recommend Missy and ERO PA for anyone looking to improve comfort and performance.”
– Jamie 2000px-5_stars-svg